Shopping for a new vacuum can be a challenge in 2019. Just one look online or in the store, and you’ll quickly feel overwhelmed by all of your options. While there are dozens of models to choose from, there are far fewer brands. The top ones offer some of the best vacuums money can buy.

Top vacuum brands like Dyson, Miele, BISSELL and Dirt Devil speak for themselves when it comes to quality and performance. However, in 2019, these six brands take the cake and are worth paying extra attention to:

1. Oreck

One of the oldest and most well-known vacuum brands is still at the forefront of the industry. The company was founded in 1963 by David Oreck, and the designs of their upright vacuums stayed virtually the same for decades.

But the company has finally caved and modernized its design.

The Oreck Touch is one of the company’s newest lines, and it’s received rave reviews. Oreck has ditched its iconic big blue bag in favor of a bagless design with a translucent canister.

The performance of Oreck’s newest models is exactly what fans would expect of the brand.

2. Electrolux

Electrolux is a well-established home appliance brand, but is still relatively new to the world of vacuums.

Reliable and powerful, the latest vacuums from Electrolux have been impressive. Easy to maneuver and able to reach virtually every corner of the room, Electrolux vacuums can stand up to high-end brands, like Dyson, in the performance department. Some models can even rival Miele for top hardwood floor vacuum cleaner.

3. Neato

Neato is a newer brand, and the company manufactures robotic vacuums. While robotic vacuums have received mixed reviews from consumers, Neato’s models have made a big impression. A few of their models have made it onto top vacuum lists for this year.

Their robotic vacuums are controlled via an app, and they feature a D-shaped design that makes it easy to maneuver rooms.

4. Hoover

Hoover is another well-known brand in the industry, and they remain as one of the top companies in the vacuum industry.

While an old brand, the company has managed to keep up with changes and advancements in the industry. The new, modern vacuums from Hoover are lightweight, powerful and many have even cut the cord. The brand’s battery-operated vacuums allow for more freedom when cleaning, and they offer a long battery life.

5. Shark

Shark vacuums consistently rank among the top models on the market. This year is no different. The brand successfully combines affordability with high-end performance to offer consumers the best of both worlds.

From cordless to classic uprights, canisters and multi-vacuums, Shark offers a wide range of models that suit just about every need and budget. Many of their models can compare with Dyson both in performance and design. They can also move seamlessly from one floor type to another without having to change vacuum heads or settings.

6. iRobot

The iRobot brand is also a newcomer, and part of the robotic vacuum movement. While this brand hasn’t gotten quite the same level of praise as Neato, it consistently ranks among the top in its class.

Best known for its Roomba models, iRobot offers advanced functionality and smart room mapping to make cleaning a breeze – even when you aren’t home.