Yes, life can be messy. But, that doesn’t mean cleaning should be. Stick vacuums are widely popular as a convenient, efficient option for quick clean ups. They derive their name from their elongated handle that appears like a stick.

Stick vacuums, also known as electric brooms, have a compact, yet lightweight design that allows for simple operation and storage. In turn, that makes them an excellent option for cleaning small spaces.

You need not wrestle with full-size vacuums. Anyone can operate a stick vacuum effortlessly. It’ll enable you to clean your office or home in just a few minutes, saving space and time at an unbeatable price.

How to Pick The Perfect Stick Vacuum For Your Home

A stick vacuum is worth investing in, especially if you’re seeking a versatile tool that you could add to your home’s cleaning arsenal. You shouldn’t purchase just any stick vacuum though.

This article will help you determine what exactly you need, and the essential guidelines that you should follow in order to get the best stick vacuum for your hard-earned cash.

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

Several factors ought to be considered first before buying. We explain each of them below:


Stick vacuums are designed for cleaning almost every part of the house. Most models weigh less than ten pounds. In fact, there are options that weight less than five pounds!

The final weight will depend on the motor, the cleaning head, as well as any attachments which you’ll use. Pick one that’s light and portable.


You can easily store cleaning machines with telescopic or foldable handles in shelves. A vacuum that has a smaller cleaning head will be easier to store. However, you’ll need to pass it over the surface multiple times.

Cleaning uneven surfaces (like stairs) and tight spots will be much easier when using a compactly designed stick vacuum. You should preferably opt for a vacuum that’s quiet, light, and simple to maneuver.

You can give it a try before purchasing it. Ensure that the model moves smoothly over hard surfaces and carpets.


The power rating on these compact vacuums are usually less than those of canisters and upright vacuums. A higher power rating translates to stronger suction strength. For that reason, it is a wise choice to look for one that has a high power rating.

You’ll find multiple power settings quite useful when cleaning distinct kinds of surfaces. For instance, the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors is going to require a lot less suction strength than one intended for thick carpeting. Opt for a model that has variable power/suction.


For those that dislike cords, there are multiple cordless stick vacuums on the market which come included with rechargeable batteries. As a matter of fact, some cordless models even rival the best corded stick vacuums when it comes down to performance and power. But, should you decide to get a cordless model, then you’ll want to consider other factors like run-time and charge.

Ideally, you’ll want to pick a model that can run throughout an average cleaning session. Lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries are generally more environmental-friendly than lead-acid and nickel-cadmium ones. Also, batteries with higher voltages tend to perform much better when it comes to these types of vacuums.


You can make use of these 2-in-1 models as either a handheld or a stick. Often, they’ve got a trigger that releases the handheld part from the stick’s torso.


You’ll want to seek a cleaner that has a HEPA filter if you, or someone else in the household, has allergies. The filter should be easily removable and replaceable. Vacuums with top-notch filter systems help trap even more dust, preventing it from getting back to your house.

Wet and Dry

Although some stick vacuums can suck up liquids or wet material, they’re only able to take fairly small amounts. The sucked up liquid shouldn’t go past the recommended/indicated maximum level. You’ll need to clean and dry the bin and the filter separately afterward.


Most modern vacuums come along with various accessories. Such come in handy when cleaning upholstery, curtains, or crevices.

The standard attachments to check for include dusting brushes and crevice tools. Others might include extension tubes, pet hair brushes, or squeegee tools. Read through the product’s specs to check whether the vacuum has any extras.


Most probably, you’ve come across multiple generic models at bargain shops. Yes, such are a lot cheaper than popular brands like Hoover, Dyson, Dirt Devil, and BISSELL. But, the quality isn’t comparable.

You ought to purchase a reliable vacuum – one that’s known to deliver as expected. The best bet would be to stick with a top, reputable brand.


Thankfully, stick vacuums are quite affordable. But, you’ll need to consider the availability of the necessary parts and services in order to ensure that it will continue to run well over time.

Seek an affordable model that has all the features you’ll need. Some companies love tooting their horns and showing off. Such may sound great but might not be really necessary.

Special Situations:

Several circumstances would prompt you to reconsider the options that you have. Some of them are explained below:

Pet Hair

Pet hair pickup is a category of vacuum cleaning all on its own. Maybe, you’ve got furry companions at home. Then, you’ll want to consider getting a vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair.

Regular vacuums may not suffice for pet hair pickup. Thankfully, some stick vacuums come included with nozzles and other on-board tools which are specially designed for this purpose.

Bagged or Bagless

Most of the best rated stick vacuum cleaners make use of cups or bins to collect dirt. As such, you wouldn’t need to purchase replacement bags. Some bagless models have small dirt cups that can be a bit challenging to clean or remove.

Also, due to their size, they require frequent emptying. It’s something that you ought to ponder on, especially if you intend to work on larger, dirty areas.

Moreover, you can get exposed to dirt and dust while emptying. But, a damp cloth would be helpful to cover your mouth and nose during the emptying process, minimizing your exposure.

Why Buy a Stick Vacuum?

  • They are light, maneuverable, and portable.
  • They are conveniently easy to store.
  • They are able to deal with frequent, light household cleaning tasks.
  • They are tailor-made to help you avoid excessive bending.

Final Note

A stick vacuum isn’t meant to be a replacement for a good full-sized vacuum cleaner. But, it can sideline the brush and dustpan. They are smaller, lightweight versions of traditional upright models.

They offer remarkable performance when it comes down to small cleaning tasks. When purchasing one, keep the aspects listed above in mind. You’ll be able to sort out which model would work best for you.

Your individual needs will play the significant role here. It’s also highly recommended that you also check out stick vacuum reviews from other customers too before you buy any kind of product online.

Ensure that what you’re getting is worth the cash. Take the whole package into consideration. With all the above information in mind, you should be able to arrive at an informed decision.