Steam Mopping Floor at HomeYour wooden floors lack the shine they once had. You’re tired of sweeping, mopping or even cleaning your floor by hand. And it’s time for something new – steam mops.

Before you get too excited, you need to know that steam mops are only recommended for sealed wood flooring.

If your wood flooring is unsealed, steam mopping can cause damage.

But for the majority of wood floors, it can help restore the shine your floor once had and bring it back to its former glory.

So, how do you find the best steam mop to buy?

What to Look For in a Steam Mop

There are a lot of great steam mops on the market from big-named brands: BISSELL, Dirt Devil and Shark, to name a few. Most high-end models will clean your wood floors with near-effortlessness, but which features should you be looking for?

A few things to consider are:

  • BISSELL PowerFreshSteam Control is a great feature to have, and most models will offer some form of steam control. This functionality allows you to control the amount of steam expelled, so it can be very handy when working on other flooring types, such as tile or stone.
  • Swivel options are great for smaller spaces or to get around furniture. This allows you to maneuver the head of the mop and get into those hard-to-reach corners that are often missed.
  • Capacity is a big consideration because smaller steam mops can run out of steam in just 10 minutes. If your entire home has hardwood flooring, you may want to search for one with a higher reservoir capacity.
  • Accessories are a major selling point, too. Some models will come with accessories that can clean carpets, blinds and other surfaces. If you want this added cleaning power, you may want to pay close attention to the accessories offered.
  • Floor type is a big concern, too. You may have wood floors, but chances are, you have tile, linoleum, laminate or another form of hard flooring. Look to see what flooring types your steam mop can clean that you have in your home.

Handheld options are really great for stairs or other hard-to-reach areas of your flooring. Keep in mind that many of these mops are not going to have a handheld option, but those that do will cost more or may lack other features you want.

These are just some of the features that you’ll want to consider before making any kind of purchae. Remember, these mops also kill 99% of germs and bacteria, so your home’s flooring will be a lot cleaner.

But what about those tough spots that get messy, sticky and discolored? Grout, for example, has a tendency to age quickly. Some models will offer scrubbing options that can work to restore grout or other surfaces that need a little extra scrubbing power.

Take your time and pick out the right steam mop for your floor. Read reviews and pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty to see if you’re making a smart investment.

Reviews are especially important because they provide you with information that you would only find out after purchasing your mop.

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