As far as cleaning is concerned, backpack vacuums are one of the best and most convenient tools to use. Even though they are popularly known to be used for commercial cleaning purposes, they are also perfect tools for home use. In order to choose the best backpack vacuum for your home, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. Below are some of these factors:

Suction Power

Suction power varies from one model and/or brand to the other. There is no point in getting a vacuum which can’t clean or do it’s job as effectively as you want it to; for that reason, you must ensure that you get a unit which has an appropriate suction level.

You should focus less on the wattage and focus more on its airflow. Many people mistakenly think that wattage is the true measure of suction power. This is false and it’s the reason why many people aren’t happy with the performance of their vacuum.

The Duty Rating

You will discover that some of the backpack vacuums with excellent specifications, are designed to operate for just 20-30 minutes, whereas others are designed to operate for several hours of constant use. You’ll want to choose one that can operate for a period of time that is equivalent to or greater than the time you expect to spend cleaning your house.


Bear in mind that you’ll be carrying this cleaning tool on your back for the entire time while you are cleaning your home. A heavy backpack vacuum cleaner is cumbersome and won’t do your back any good.

If you have a large house to clean, you should try to get a model that you can carry for a long time without putting so much stress on your back. The market is filled with many lightweight models.

If you are buying from a local store, you will be able to check its weight very easily; however, if you are purchasing it from an online store, you may find it difficult to estimate the machine’s weight. Avoid buying anything with a weight that is 5kg or more as that might simply be too heavy for you to carry for the entire cleaning session.


If it doesn’t feel comfortable on your back at the beginning, then by the time you finish vacuuming your home it will be intolerable. Make sure you pick a well ergonomically designed model that you can carry very easily and sits well on your back.

You will discover that vacuums that have an adjustable harness system are usually comfortable when you wear them on your back. This is because an adjustable harness system distributes the weight of the machine uniformly across the body of the person who is carrying it on his/her back.

All vacuums get warm when they are being operated. But if the machine in question is able to transfer a significant amount of heat to your body thereby making you uncomfortable, just know that it was poorly designed and hence not recommended.

Powerful Filters

Make sure to look for a model with two or more types of filters. Models that have more than one type of filter are better at preventing the dust/dirt from being released back into the air. You should also make sure the filters are easily accessible so that you don’t find any trouble when the time to replace them comes.

The Noise Level

Check and ensure that the vacuum’s decibel (dB) rating is low. Since you’ll be using it while it’s on your back, the source of the noise will also be a lot closer to your ears.

If you don’t plan on wearing any ear protection, a noisy vacuum will just drive you crazy, make vacuuming unpleasant, and probably damage your hearing as well. Avoid choosing vacuum’s with dB reading above 85dB as this level of noise can cause permanent damage to your hearing.

While comparing dB readings, you should also consider the standards on which the measurements were based; for instance, the distance at which the noise is measured from the vacuum cleaner. These standards can significantly affect the final reading; and owing to this fact, a low dB value won’t automatically imply that the vacuum in question is quiet.

The Dirt Bin’s Capacity

You should choose a model that can hold a considerable amount of dirt. The right amount will vary depending on your individual circumstance, and how much dirt you expect to pick up during each cleaning session.

Having a larger capacity will help you avoid the need to empty the vacuum’s dirt bin very often, but it will also mean that the machine will feel heavier as you fill it up to its max capacity.

Additional Accessories Offered

Make sure that the vacuum cleaner that you choose is also offered with a variety of cleaning tools. The list of cleaning tools should include only those that fit your cleaning requirements.

You will most likely save some money if you buy the vacuum and extra tools together as a single package; nonetheless, if you choose to purchase the tools separately, make sure they are of the same brand as the vacuum. This will help you avoid any compatibility issues. Examples of some of the accessories you may find interestingly useful include:

  • Power cord extension.
  • Scallop tools.
  • Upholstery tools.
  • Crevice tools.
  • Dust brushes.
  • Floor brushes.

Avoid buying a machine whose accessories and spare parts are either ridiculously expensive or hard to get.

The Length of Power Cord

The length of the power cord is an important factor that you should consider. Even though you may be able to extend it at some point (that is, if it isn’t of your preferred length), getting the appropriate length at the very beginning will offer you more convenience.

What’s more, you should avoid buying a cleaner whose power cord is hard-wired to the device. The better option is to get a cleaner with a pluggable power cord that you can swap very easily with a new one in case the old one gets damaged.


Before making your purchase, you should also check some online backpack vacuum reviews. If several reviews point out similar shortcomings, you can either buy with caution, or simply skip it and look for a more suitable model.

Hopefully the guidelines mentioned above will help you find the perfect backpack vacuum to buy for your home. As long as you understand all the specifications and features that you need, you should have no problem finding the right one.

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